SUMMIT IMAGES: Hari Budha Magar Conquers Everest

NEWS 📰 It looks as bad as it was 😲

Hari has added a few more words to his experience, talking through the highs and lows of his Everest experience- whihc has just come through with some low res images of the summit.


“It took 25 hours climbing from camp 4 to the summit and then back to camp 4. We started 21:50 and arrived back 23:00 next day.


“The journey wasn’t easy, we had to make some tough decisions along the way, but we made it.


“The climb didn’t go entirely to plan because of weather conditions. We were supposed to put Camp 5 at Balcony, but we didn’t because the weather made it too dangerous.


“The first summit push climb from Camp 4 was horrible. It was so bad that when we returned from the Balcony, one team member suggested that we finish, and go down.

“As we went back up to the summit, we had to go so slow and hunker down at times and wait for weather to improve. This meant oxygen supplies ran low and some people had to turn back for their and teams’ overall safety.


“I also wanted to give up at least 3 times when half of team had gone. The Sherpas, which included my brother, reassured me we could make it and the oxygen will last but even they could not predict how long conditions would delay and supplies would run low.


“As a team we pushed hard and five us made it to the summit. My brother, Nanda Bahadur Budha Magar, Mingma Sharpa, Pasang Sherpa, Jit Bahadur Tamang  and I did it!


“We reached the top of the world!


“But then we had to get back down with little oxygen, very late in the day for an Everest summit with an ice storm coming in.

“Two Sherpa’s were nearly finished their oxygen at Hillary Step on way down, so they left the me and last other team members to rightly preserve their lives. My oxygen was about to finish on South Summit, I was never scared my life like that before even when I was injured and crashed my car.


“Once my oxygen finished, one Sherpa gave me his oxygen and went back down. Now, I and my brother left with very little oxygen enough for 30-45 minutes but we had to go long way down. I felt like here is some oxygen take it and die when it finishes. We looked for some of the oxygen bottles left on mountain, but they were all empty.


“I told my brother who was with me to go, I just went down on my bum down all the way to wall of Camp 4. We had no radios, but we had satphone, so able to call base camp and relay messages to camp 4. Finally, a sherpa from camp 4 came up with oxygen and hot water and met us below the balcony and saved us! Later two other Sherpas come for assistance and took us to Camp 4.


“The immediate danger then passed. Over the coming two days the team and I went down to camp 3, then 2 and back to base camp.

“The team and I are now back at base camp with some having moved off the mountain to receive treatment from injuries on the mountain, like my brother who got hit by rocks.


“This experience has really hit home for me that if we are passionate, disciplined, work hard and believe in ourselves, nothing can stop us from achieving our dream. We proved that – nothing is Impossible.”

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