Surf Lessons in Oahu


Sun, white sand beaches, hammocks at sunset and crystal clear waters. If you are looking for a paradisiacal destination for this vacation, the island of Oahu is the star option. Come to know this island and try to tame some of the best waves in the world with all the surf lessons available.

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Ana Caballero

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Surf Lessons in Oahu

Surfing in Oahu | ©Pete Markham

Oahu is one of the main islands of the entire archipelago of Hawaii and, with beaches like Waikiki, has become one of the international surfing references. Having the opportunity to jump into the water with the board and glide is a luxury not to be missed.

The island of Oahu is full of attractions and activities suitable for all tastes, but if you want to learn how to surf from the best, in this article I will tell you everything you need to know about the best surf lessons on the island, do you dare?

1. Private group lessons in Waikiki

Surfing in Waikiki| ©Alight
Surfing in Waikiki| ©Alight

Coming on vacation to Oahu gives you the opportunity to not only get to know the island and its inland villages, but also to take a class in one of the many water sports that take place on its beaches.

If you come to spend a few days of dream with friends or with an organized group and are curious about surfing, I can’t think of a better idea than hiring a private lesson.

In the famous neighborhood of Waikiki is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii and it is precisely here where most classes for beginners and advanced surfers take place.

They usually last about 2 hours and, if you hire the private option, you will have an exclusive instructor for you and your group, which will give you the basics on the sand and then you will launch you to try and have fun on the sea.

If after this type of classes you have taken a liking to the water and want to continue doing adventure activities in this idyllic island, I recommend that you value to do some diving class with sharks. An experience that, undoubtedly, along with surfing will put the finishing touch to your vacation.

Family surf lessons in Waikiki

Coming on vacation to Hawaii with the family is one of the best plans you can make and certainly an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. In addition, if you all share a love of water and water activities, you should know that the beaches of Waikiki offer surfing lessons for families of all ages.

In this way, you will be able to do a group activity, regardless of whether there are small children or teenagers. This type of classes are designed so that all of you can have a great time and learn, according to your previous knowledge, to be able to surf Hawaiian waves.

The instructors will give you some basic instructions on the sand and will make sure to give the appropriate guidelines to each member of the family so that it is a safe activity.

Afterwards, and if you’ve got the hang of being in the water, another of the most popular activities for families is snorkeling and swimming among turtles and seabed. The kids will have a great time and you will live a unique experience on the crystal clear beaches.

Details of interest

  • Price: between 80 € to 100 € per head.
  • Duration: lessons usually last two hours, including a brief introduction on land.
  • Location: most offers are located at Waikiki Beach.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a fun way to hang out with friends or family and learn to surf.

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2. Private individual lessons in Waikiki

Surf lessons in Waikiki| ©Alight
Surf lessons in Waikiki| ©Alight

If you’re coming to Hawaii alone, or if your group of friends or family isn’t too excited about getting out on the water in search of good waves, don’t worry. In Oahu there are all kinds of options for surf lessons and some of the most popular are the private individual lessons, in which you can have an instructor all to yourself.

Thus, for at least two hours, you will follow the direct instructions of a professional who will help you know how to balance on the board, calculate the wind direction and know how to glide over the water. No matter your level, the class will be adapted to you.

This way, while you learn to master this fun sport on one of the best beaches in the world, the rest of your companions can enjoy, for example, some other adventure sport in Hawaii such as paragliding flights that can be done on the beach or in the inland area. Everyone wins!

Details of interest

  • Price: individual lessons usually cost around 125€.
  • Duration: it can be from two to three hours.
  • Location: this type of class takes place at Waikiki beach.
  • Advantages of this option: you will have a personalized attention and a monitor to ask any questions all the time pending of you.

Dive with sharks in Oahu

3. Beginner surf lesson in Waikiki

Ready to Surf| ©Alight
Ready to Surf| ©Alight

Have you always wanted to learn how to surf? Well, if you’re on vacation in Oahu I can’t think of a better place to start learning. The whole island is full of beaches where the waves are dreamy but Waikiki Beach is where you will find more classes.

If you have never had experience in water sports or surfing, you should not worry, as you will find classes for all levels. Thanks to the instructors that are scattered all over the beach, you will be able to find the one that best explains you.

Don’t think that he will just throw you into the water. Before getting down to work, he will teach you on the sand how to stand up on the board and control your balance.

I can not think of a better place to take your first steps in surfing in one of the islands with the greatest surfing champions in the world. Also, if you get the hang of it, you can always sign up for another class a little more advanced. It all depends on you and your talent for surfing the waves. And, if not, you can always leave the surf and take one of the boat trips that are made along the coast.

Details of interest

  • Price: these classes are usually around 90 €.
  • Duration: usually two hours plus a brief introduction on land.
  • Location: the best beach to start is Waikiki.
  • Advantages of this option: it is perfect if it is the first time you surf because the monitor adapts to your level and needs.

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4. Advanced surf lessons with professional surfers in Waikiki

Surfing in Waikiki| ©James Brennan
Surfing in Waikiki| ©James Brennan

If you have come to Hawaii and you are passionate about water sports, surely you know that you are in one of the most important islands of surfing internationally.

Here are the best surfers from around the world and, if you’ve come to practice this fun sport on its beaches, you’re in luck because you can receive a master class from one of them.

If you already have some experience and want to skip the basic classes you have already mastered, in Oahu you have the possibility of hiring a class of between 2 to 3 hours, where a reputable and professional surfer will teach you his best tricks and you can climb with him to the crest of the best waves in the world.

Hawaii has an enviable climate and is therefore considered an island paradise, but if you come to surf and enjoy the water to the fullest, I recommend you go to Oahu in February and December, two months in which weather conditions and winds are quite favorable for this sport.

Details of interest

  • Price: these classes usually cost around 130€ per person.
  • Duration: classes last between two to three hours, depending on the level.
  • Location: most of the offer is in Waikiki, although you can also find classes on the North Shore.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a great way to perfect your surfing technique and receive a master class from professionals.

5. Kids surf lessons in Waikiki

Surf| ©Shelby L. Bell
Surf| ©Shelby L. Bell

If you come with children to Oahu I can assure you that they will have a great time from the moment they step on the island.

This fantastic place is designed so that both children and adults do not fail to perform activities and live unique experiences both in the interior with its spectacular jungle, as on the beach, with all kinds of sports or activities at your disposal.

If you want the little ones to have a fun time and learn to get on the surfboard and glide through the waves, you should know that in Waikiki Beach there are dozens of classes available for groups of children up to 12 years. They also have the modality for children from 12 years old.

For several hours, they can learn to get on a board and surf in the company of a group of children their own age.

In them, one or two qualified instructors (depending on the number of the group) will be in charge of teaching the kids and teenagers the basic principles of surfing and, with all the equipment and safety guarantees, will jump into the water with them to make them spend some time enjoying the waves.

This way, while you are sunbathing and enjoying the beach or one of the tours in the nature and surroundings of Oahu, they will be safe and entertained with people their own age.

Details of interest

  • Price: the price varies between 80€ and 160€.
  • Duration: classes are usually around 2 hours with a previous introduction.
  • Location: the quietest and most popular beach for surfing with children is Waikiki.
  • Advantages of this option: it is an exceptional opportunity for children of all ages to learn a sport as fun as surfing in one of its international capitals.

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6. Lessons for couples in Waikiki

Couple| ©Kelly Vial
Couple| ©Kelly Vial

Undoubtedly, Hawaii is one of the favorite destinations for couples either as engaged couples or honeymooners. This paradisiacal archipelago is full of landscapes and romantic panoramas that are ideal to share with your love.

If you have come to experience the island of Oahu and you both love water sports, one of the most fun plans is to take a surfing lesson.

In Waikiki Beach there are several modalities of classes for all levels, but one of the most convenient if you come as a couple is to hire the private class for two, in which a monitor will teach you for about two hours the main thing to be able to jump into the water surfing.

I can not think of a better plan to do during the day on the beaches of Oahu to enjoy with your partner. Then, after a long day of sports and sea, you will surely want to do some relaxing plan at night in Oahu and end a perfect evening.

Details of interest

  • Price: the price is around 110 € per head.
  • Duration: classes are usually two hours long.
  • Location: the biggest offer is in Waikiki beach, where most of the hotels on the island are located.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a very entertaining plan to do as a couple if you come on a romantic plan to the island.

7. Group lessons in Ala Moana

Ala Moana, Oahu| ©Alicia0928
Ala Moana, Oahu| ©Alicia0928

It could be said that Waikiki beach is one of the most famous and popular, and where more surf lessons can be found. However, as you can imagine, during the vacation season it tends to be quite crowded. That is why some people choose to move a little of this nerve center and go to nearby places to practice this sport.

If you want to have a first contact with surfing and get into a group to give a class, let me tell you that just a few minutes drive from Waikiki you can find one of the best beaches in all of OahuAla Moana beach.

On this beach, much less congested, group surfing lessons are given and, for a few hours, you can get into the crystal clear waters to practice and try to surf some of the waves without having to be bumping into other surfers. A great opportunity to consider on your vacation.

Details of interest

  • Price: classes usually cost about 140 € including transfer to the island.
  • Duration: usually about two hours plus the round trip.
  • Location: Ala Moana beach, just 4 kilometers from Waikiki.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a beach much less congested with tourists where you can teach the class more comfortably.

8. Group lessons on the North Shore

North shore of Oahu| ©Eduardo Batista
North shore of Oahu| ©Eduardo Batista

It is true that most of the activities and accommodations on the island of Oahu are on the south side, in Waikiki, near the capital. However, there is a lot to do on the North Shore and it is certainly a great place to take a surfing lesson.

The entire North Shore of Oahu boasts ideal winds for surfing the waves of the Pacific and, moreover, without so many saturated tourists. If you have come with a group of friends, it is a perfect plan to get to know more parts of the island and have a private moment of fun in the water with an instructor.

If you come alone or with a small group, no problem, you also have the option of hiring a class with a group of about 10-15 people to test yourself and see if that balancing on the surfboard is your thing.

Details of interest

  • Price: around 130€.
  • Duration: classes are usually about two hours.
  • Location: on the North Coast, there are usually several beaches in this area but the main one is Haleiwa.
  • Advantages of this option: in addition to giving a class away from all the hustle and bustle of tourists, you will get to know other parts of the island.

Oahu is full of activities and panoramas waiting for you to come. Its incredible ecosystem and culture seem designed to give anyone who comes to visit the island a great time. Don’t miss the opportunity and if you decide to spend your vacation in Hawaii have fun surfing in some of the most reputable beaches in the world.

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