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The Best Adventures in New Zealand

Imagine this… you have some spare time and money and are free to do exactly what you want, whenever you want. You may have won the lottery or hit the jackpot at the top-paying online pokies NZ – but what should you do with it? It may be that you want to travel the world, or maybe you want to travel around NZ looking for fun things to do. If the latter is more your thing, then here are some of the best adventures in New Zealand.

1: Ziplining

The first on our list is  Ziplining  – fun and thrilling. You can zip past some of the most beautiful harbour views over at Waiheke Islands, or maybe you can immerse yourself in the wilderness as you whizz through the treetops in Rotorua. Maybe you prefer to take flight through the luscious rainforest canopy on West Coast tree tops. The options are endless, no matter what you are looking for – Queenstown’s Remarkables mountain range or you can even combine the experience with glow worms and river tubing on the West Coast.

2: Canyoning

What could be more adrenaline-pumping than leaping off waterfalls, sliding down rocks, climbing, scrambling, jumping and abseiling? Is it any wonder that Canyoning is one of the wildest adventures you can have in NZ? You can enjoy the thrills in all different locations – Auckland, Canterbury, Coromandel, Nelson and Wanaka.

3: Heli-Skiing

If you are a cold-weather friend, then Heli-Skiing is perfect – a superb mix of complete adrenaline and powdery white snow. You simply take a beautiful flight to the top of the mountain and then make your way down again as you ski right back down to the bottom in the ultimate adventure.

4: Zorbing

This one certainly won’t burst your bubble. You can climb inside of a giant plastic orb and roll down a hill or use it on water. Zorbing is one of the most popular activities in Rotorua and a must-do if you find yourself that way and want to get that heart rate up.

5: Bungee Jumping

The ultimate adventure for the ultimate thrill seeker is Bungee Jumping. You simply close your eyes, cross your fingers and leap off the Kawarau Bungy Site, or the highest point in New Zealand atop Nevis. Want a slightly different style of bungy? Then why not head over to Taupo Bungy or Auckland Harbour Bridge and jump over the Waikato River? NZ is the home of bungee – and the options are endless.

6:Off-Road Driving

If you fancy testing your skills behind the wheel, then why not put on that seatbelt and put your foot down as you head over to take in the excitement of off-road driving on some of New Zealand’s many backcountry tracks and roads? Or if you want something a little different, test your skills against those gargantuan dunes of Northland’s Ninety Mile Beach.

7: Caving

Not recommended for those who are claustrophobic or a little nervous about enclosed spaces. New Zealand has some spectacular and highly challenging caring systems – and is one of the best places in the world for cavers – spelunkers. Whether you go in dry caves or wet caves, take in Waitomo Caves or enjoy Nelson – where you can find the deepest sinkhole in the southern hemisphere, there’s something for everyone.

8: Rafting

There’s something for all types of rafters in New Zealand. From Rotorua, the highest commercially rafted waterfall anywhere in the world to the rivers and rapids which can range from the gentlest to the most extreme. Some of the most popular spots for rafting in the country include the West Coast’s Lake Taupo and Queenstown.

9: Jet Boating

If you feel the need for speed, you can hit the water as you jet boat across the stunning river, near Lake Taupo’s thunderous Huka Falls. Or you can try your skills with 360 spins on one of the beautiful Queenstown rivers.

10: Skydiving

Take in the views and enjoy the thrills as you jump tandem or solo from a plane on the adventure of a lifetime. There are plenty of locations to enjoy the adventure – Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Lake Taupo, Queenstown and Wanaka.

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