The growth of Adventure Traveller

Over the last forty years, Adventure has seen a lot of changes, the woolly jumpers have been discarded (in most cases) to be replaced by technical, profession-specific clothing.  Offshore adventures are now no longer just for a select few but for everyone. People are venturing further and further afield to find new, exciting and unique experiences. But the side development to this that no one saw coming was the growth of both hard and soft adventure holidays.

There has grown a whole industry taking people on ”holiday’ to the far corners of the world, even Base Camp at Everest for a trip of a lifetime. Last week a company in the US was offering ski and snowboard tours to the slopes of Everest! Alongside this hardcore growth in adventure, travel has been the development of ”soft’ adventure. Those holiday trips where one day you are by the pool the next you are out rafting or diving or swimming with whales, those vacations where there is a mixture of relaxation in a nice hotel coupled with core activities. Both these types of ”holidays” feature in Adventure magazine, website and social media. But there is so much growth we had to establish a second website to pick up the over the flow of material. and @adventuretravellermag (on Instagram) have been going over a year, and already, there are over 10,000 followers on Instagram. Online you will find specific actives and destination plus gear and ”hot’ deals.

If adventure travel is on your radar check out and follow@adventuretravelermag and we will keep you up to date to what’s new and what’s trending.

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