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The top food-themed games to take on your travels




Whether it’s on a laptop or through a smartphone device, millions of travellers take a variety of technology-based devices away with them while they’re travelling in various foreign territories. Not only do these options help them track down the very best food to eat, but they also provide some much-needed entertainment when boredom occasionally sets in.


Many people play mobile games while waiting for a flight to be called, while some travellers explore a selection of PC titles that can be housed on a laptop. Ultimately, though, whatever a holidaymaker’s gaming device of choice is, there are some viable gaming opportunities to be had while travelling around this glorious planet of ours. For food lovers, the options are extensive also, with everything from pizza-themed products to titles where gamers are responsible for the running of their very own restaurant. The games in this space are detailed.


So, in case you’re in need of a gaming product or two to keep you entertained during your travel escapades, let’s assess some of the best food-themed products you can take away with you in 2023.

Cooking Dash is popular on iPhone and iPad


Offering gamers the opportunity to take part in a cooking show from the comfort of their own phones and tablet devices, Cooking Dash challenges foodies and gamers alike to prepare a selection of tasty dishes in front of a live audience in a restaurant. Players have to manage time restraints, focus on ingredients and cooking techniques, as well as cater for odd food orders from difficult diners. With up to 100 themed levels to smash your way though, Cooking Dash will most definitely keep you entertained wherever you’re travelling in the world.


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Sweet Party is a beloved slot game


Travelling around the world results in people experiencing the different sweets and candies from different regions. For those with a sweet tooth, this particular option will certainly appeal. Sweet Party is a candy-themed slot game that features some incredibly juicy fruits in this feel-good, fun product that offers cheerful music and vibrant visuals. The game isn’t too hard to grasp either, as players aim to spin their way to success in this 5-reel and 3 row product. For fruit lovers, in particular, Berryburst is well worth a go.


Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is worth exploring


A world-famous chef with bags of attitude and a hot temper, Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is based on the British chef with a fiery personality. With the familiar television personality featured throughout, players are tasked with becoming a top chef under the guidance of the much-loved Scot. A match-three product with plenty to keep you busy, players have to nail everything, from the game’s recipe aspect to the various social elements that come with being successful in hospitality.


My Cafe is a great cooking sim


Cooking simulation games are also popular with food-loving gamers. If you’re partial to the odd release of this type, then My Cafe is a fantastic option. Also featuring coffee elements, gamers have to run and grow their very own cafe. Of course, running a food-related business entails a variety of things, from keeping customers happy with a tasty range of delights to exposing your business to new customers at food festivals. My Cafe is impressively realistic, tasking gamers with doing all of the above and then some. Overall, it’s a great game to play.


Other food-themed games to keep you company during your travels include Food Truck Chef, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, Cooking City, Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!, Campfire Cooking, Good Pizza, Great Pizza, and Cook To The Beat.

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