Ventus Active Hoodie – Men’s – from Outdoor Vitals


Ventus- named from the Latin origin word for ‘wind’, this lightweight insulated active hoodie vents incredibly well all while maintaining its static insulation properties.

The Ventus Active Hoodie brings a new meaning to “ultralight backpacking”. No longer do you have to sacrifice warmth to get a lower pack weight! This hoodie is something you’ll have with you whether you’re backpacking, biking, traveling, snowshoeing, or during any other part of your active lifestyle!

Utilizing innovative 3DeFX Insulation we were able to create a hoodie that weighs only half of what other traditional insulated hoodies weigh while retaining high warmth value and active body-mapped breathability! Both the 3DeFX insulation and durable Ripstop Nylon fabric of the hoodie stretch with you as you move. This causes tiny coils (much like trampoline springs) to expand- allowing more heat to escape and the hoodie to breathe with you when you need it. When the hoodie fabric and insulation isn’t being stretched with your motion, these coils contract and create an incredible amount of loft and warmth! This means you’ll be able to stay comfortable regardless of your activity levels!

Active breathability is further enhanced by targeted & body-mapped placement of insulation and fabrics. The uninsulated underarms are perforated for targeted ventilation in the hottest part of your torso.

An unobtrusive insulated hood and lightweight coating on the exterior fabric give the Ventus Active Hoodie the ability to also act as a great wind breaker with amazing temperature control!

A hidden inner pocket allows you to easily pack up the Ventus for storage in a pack or luggage when you aren’t using it. You can compress this hoodie down to the size of a softball, so between the ultralight weight and amazing packability, you’ll have no problem taking this with you on any adventure. You’ll never be left high and dry without a warm layer again!

Start experiencing the outdoors more light and comfortable now with the newest game-changing insulated hoodie available! No more compromising, stay at a comfortable temperature anywhere and on any type of adventure!


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