Warbrick Cottage – somewhere special

There is cute and then there is really cute, and Warbrick Cottage certainly comes into the latter category. Nestled against a stone bank this refurbished cottage looks like it has been there for hundreds of years and – it has!

The owner Matthew White embarked on the restoration of an old stone cottage in Gibbston, Central Otago he started with just three deteriorated stone walls.

The site had no roof, no floor and was listed as archaeological.

He researched and determined what was the likely original, defined the history and set about the project.

“The first record of rates being paid on the cottage is in 1874 by a Samuel Warbrick, a gold miner. Mr Warbrick lived in the cottage for about 30 years, we found his death notice dated 1897, he was 76 when he died. So, he built the cottage and lived in it, 30 square metres of the cottage, for 30 years.”

“The three stone walls that did exist had deteriorated because there was no roof, and they had probably been exposed without a roof for maybe 60 years. So the stonemason restored and repaired the three existing walls and we used schist from around the cottage that I’d uncovered, as well as two trailer loads of schist from the neighbour’s property, to build the fourth wall. ”

The cottage has all the convenience of any modern homestay, it has a small kitchen, a fireplace, and an ample bathroom and double bedroom with loads of wardrobe space. You know you are in the country when you open the blinds in the morning there are three very hospitable chicken looking back!

Perfectly situated to enjoy all the wines of Gibbston Valley and only a short drive to both Wanaka and Queenstown and range of ski fields – the best of ‘all’ worlds.

The restored Warbrick cottage is now being used as a successful holiday let for visitor accommodation. You can check it out and book here


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