We are Team Mongol Motion, a team of four Kiwi’s undertaking a colossal journey that will make your car shudder in fear and your eyes pop in stupefaction.

Described by The Adventurists (event organisers) as ’the greatest motoring adventure on the planet’, ‘motoring stupidity on a global scale’ or a way to ‘remind yourself you’re alive without jamming a fork into your eyeballs’, the Mongol Rally 2020 is definitely a unique kind of adventure.

We will be starting near London, UK on the 19th July and driving our way across 1/3 of the earth’s surface over the course of seven weeks via highways, back-roads, dirt roads and no-roads. Included in the 20+ countries that we’ll be traversing, are great contenders for the show-stopper of your local spelling bee, with the likes of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakstan all taking centre stage. As if driving 16,000+ km across some of the most remote and isolated places on earth wasn’t already enough of a challenge, one fundamental rule of the adventure is that your car must be no more than 1200cc of clunking metal, preferably bought with the loose change found in the crack of your couch. This tends to be the stage where most people ask, are you crazy, stupid or just downright silly? Well, we possibly may be a sprinkling of all those things, yet besides wanting to undertake on a good ol’ fashioned adventure that gets our spines tingling and our palms sweating, we are aiming to raise at least $5,000 for two great charities.

ChildFund NZ is our chosen charity of choice, as they work to build a world free from child poverty. As a collective, our team has travelled to many of the select countries ChildFund NZ operates in, and seen first hand the daily hardships and struggles that some of the local people, particularly the children, suffer from. As part of our social responsibility to try and make tomorrow a brighter day and give back to some of the countries that have given us so many great memories, we couldn’t be prouder than to raise money for ChildFund NZ in their work to support children in unfair and unjust situations.


Cool Earth is The Adventurists chosen charity, who work with local people to halt deforestation and climate change. By making a contribution to them we not only look to off-set some of our carbon footprint from the rally, but also hope to make a small difference as we are all about a cool earth with cool people.

Have we got your adventure senses tingling or your travel toes itching? Fear not! There are many a way in which you can get on board, become a part of our journey, travel across thousands of dusty kilometres and in the words of a true legend “help us knock the ol’ bastard off”. First off, you can follow our journey through facebook or instagram. We’ve also got a shiny team website which you can check out at, where you can see more about us, buy a team t-shirt or find the link to our givealittle page. As if a bit of good karma wasn’t enough, we’ve got a few incentives for you to drop a couple of coins on our fundraising campaign, which might end with your face on a flag that we wave along our journey or a postcard in your letterbox from Turkmenistan.

If you’d like to get even more involved and have your brand plastered over our car as we traverse the Mongolian steppe, become an official team sponsor by sending us an email with your wildest ideas to [email protected]

A big shoutout to our legendary sponsors already on board with us:

Nomadic Tents NZ, Get Set Training, 3B Scientific, Leatherman NZ, Grayl, My Medic, Domex,  Bootleg Jerky















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