What You Need to Know Before Going on a Bikepacking Trip

Regardless of how long you’ve been hiking, or have done some bikepacking, there is always a lot to learn. A lot of preparation is required for the best experience, but it is the adventure on the trail that gives the best lessons. You will face a lot on the go, and every fall will be a lesson. But for beginners, there is so much to look out for in your first bikepacking trip, and here, we look at the things you must know beforehand.

#1. Be flexible

A lot can happen in the wild. Missions can be suspended or halted due to various reasons, so be prepared to change your course midway. Whether you get lost on the way, or the weather does not permit, it is good to be flexible and to be prepared for any eventualities.

#2. Prepare enough supplies

You will need food and water to last you the entire exhibition, but ensure that you have enough. To be safe, prepare more than you might need for the number of days you plan to be out as a precaution for the unforeseeable. Carry dehydrated food only, and ensure you have adequate water on your frame. Ideally, your luggage must be light enough to allow balancing and easy ride throughout.

#3. Take time to build your gear collection

Before your first bikepacking holiday, ensure you have assembled the right gear. You are looking for the lightest collection that is easy to use, and compact for the entire trip. Ensure that you have identified what you need inhttps://www.rubyfortune.com/en/blog/bikepacking-holiday-basic-faqs/tead of making last-minute plans. Making rush purchases leaves you with a lot of unnecessary stuff.

#4. Get your gear tested

Everyone hates to be disappointed in the final stages of their plans. You should get your gears checked a few days before the trip, and if there are any mechanical adjustments to be done

#5. Pack your tool box with you

A new bike comes with a set of mechanical tools, but that might not be enough. You’ll need to assemble extra tools, for example, tire punctures are common especially when you find your trip takes you to the thicket of the forest, or thorny fields. Having the right tools for the trip ensures that you are in a position to deal with any eventuality as it happens.

#6. Acquaint yourself with some mechanical knowhow

Most importantly, bikepacking is not plainly about riding a bike and going on a long trip somewhere in the wild. There will be rests and some readjustments to do. As a result of long rides, your bike is likely to develop minor or major issues, but that should not pose any major concerns on your part. Basic knowledge of addressing some of these issues is vital.

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