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Why people flock to New Zealand’s wildlife parks


There a number of things we can do to have an unforgettable adventure. For some, hikes are a go-to preference, while others enjoy testing themselves in extreme survival conditions. Some people also enjoy immersing themselves in nature with a visit to some of New Zealand’s top wildlife parks. After all, there aren’t many better things on this earth than witnessing some truly amazing creatures in their natural habitats, right?

Adventures are ultimately subjective for everyone, too. If you’re a lover of animals, though, and find the idea of witnessing them up close and in the flesh as an exciting prospect, then there aren’t many better adventures you can have. Wildlife parks are a great option in particular, with New Zealand containing a number of excellent options. If you’ve seen David Attenborough’s documentaries and grown up with an adoration for animals, then it’s an unforgettable experience.

Many of us are, of course, a little reluctant to get one on one with nature. Perhaps we have seen too many movies like Jumanji, PlayStation games like Wild, or even games based on Jurassic Park, where we all know things get a little out of hand, but knowledgeable tour guides will safely take you to explore wild landscapes that some of earth’s most glorious creatures call their home.

So, as more and more people continue to discover New Zealand’s impressive selection of wildlife parks, let’s take a look at some of the top options below.

Staglands Wildlife Reserve is a must if you’re in Wellington

 Located in Wellington and, more specifically, in the glorious Akatarawa Valley, Staglands Wildlife Reserve is one of the lushest wild adventures you can possibly have in the country. For people who want to feed animals, this is certainly the best place to be. From birds to deer, a number of stunning animals are housed in this lovely reserve, while a selection of fun activities cater for all the family. For example, you can feed a rare species of bird before enjoying a tractor ride and visiting an old settlement. Essentially, Staglands Wildlife Reserve definitely has something for everyone in a truly amazing and incredibly friendly setting.

Pukaha National Wildlife Centre is a special place

The Pukaha National Wildlife Centre houses some of New Zealand’s most precious species in what essentially is a captive breeding centre. The facility is impressive, too, sitting beautifully among lush surroundings just a short drive away from Masterton, a welcoming town in the North island. Housing a number of animals from around the world, this great spot is a superb option, particularly if you’re keen to meet a Manukura, the only white kiwi that is currently being held in captivity. Also providing opportunities to feed a selection of animals and be educated by some highly impressive wildlife experts, Pukaha National Wildlife Centre is a special place.


Lions call Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park their home

If you’re keen to replicate a safari adventure, then you can’t get much better than witnessing one of the world’s most fearsome predators in a safe and secure environment. Yes, that’s right, lions are housed at Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park, a favoured choice for lion lovers in particular. In fact, lions have been living happily there since the 1970s, with people being able to see them living in their comfortable enclosures and even experience feeding time thanks to a number of clever spots that offer top views. Also based in an environment filled with lush scenery, Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park is easily one of the best options on the list.


Other popular wildlife parks in New Zealand includes Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, Zealandia, Orana Wildlife Park, and Kiwi North.

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