You can’t pick up cat shit with a laptop.

Steve Dickinson

Why are magazines still incredibly relevant in a digital world?

Hardcopy magazines continue to be a prime way to advertise if you are serious about a tangible presence and a target audience, despite the rise of digital marketing channels. Here’s why:

1. Tangible Presence: One of the most significant advantages of hardcopy magazines is their physical presence. Unlike digital advertisements that can be easily ignored or blocked, or glossed over. A magazine and its advertising occupy physical space. Extensive research shows that readers are engaged more deeply with physical content, leading to better brand recall and recognition.

2. Targeted Audience: Magazines cater to specific interests and demographics, allowing advertisers to reach a highly targeted audience unlike the algorithm bombardment that you get on Facebook after searching for a holiday to Bali. A magazine is a reader’ buy-in,’ a highly targeted approach led by the reader, not the algorithm, resulting in higher conversion rates than broader digital advertising platforms.

3. Credibility and Trust: Magazines like Adventure have spent over 50 years establishing reputations within their niche or industry, which lends credibility to their promotions and reviews. Readers trust the content and the brands associated with the magazine, leading to a more receptive audience and sales. In contrast, digital ads tracking keywords are simply viewed with scepticism due to concerns about privacy observation, malware, fraud, or misleading content.

4. Longer Lifespan: Unlike digital ads that can disappear within seconds, magazine ads have a longer lifespan. Magazines are often kept for weeks, months, or even years, allowing multiple opportunities for readers to see the promotions. This extended exposure can reinforce brand messaging and increase the likelihood of consumer action.

5. Less Clutter: Consumers are bombarded with countless advertisements vying for their attention in the digital realm. This oversaturation can lead to ad fatigue and reduced effectiveness. In contrast, the limited ad space in magazines means less clutter, allowing ads to stand out and capture the reader’s attention more effectively.

6. Audience Engagement: Magazines encourage a deeper engagement than digital media. Readers often spend more time perusing magazine content, which increases the likelihood of them noticing and engaging with advertisements. Additionally, magazines offer a tactile experience that encourages trust and visual connection and is often linked with motivational editorial that stimulates purchase.

7. Complementary to Digital Strategies: Digital marketing is essential in today’s landscape, and hardcopy magazines can complement digital strategies effectively. Magazines pick up the slack, where digital is untrustworthy, and hardcopy creates trust, whereas digital gives a feeling of being spied on. Magazines have a direct buy-in literally from the reader. A well-rounded advertising campaign with print and digital components can reach audiences across multiple touchpoints, maximising brand exposure and engagement.
Hardcopy magazines (and their digital counterparts) remain a valuable advertising medium due to their tangible presence, targeted audience, credibility, longer lifespan, creative opportunities, reduced clutter, audience engagement, and ability to complement digital strategies. While digital advertising continues to evolve, the unique benefits offered by print media ensure that magazines remain a relevant and effective advertising platform for brands looking to connect with consumers.
Undeniably, newspaper and magazine off-the-shelf sales have decreased over the last twenty years. How does a publication combat that? By making off-the-shelf sales are good value for money, and by ensuring that the publication is in relevant locations, hotels, resorts, and lodges frequented by clients who love the outdoors. By your bedside table, in the lounge area, by the fire—Adventure Magazine will be there to entertain.

To sum up, there is also the bonus of just being smarter; while other brands get sucked in the vortex, that is, digital advertising, google ad words, Facebook ads, Instagram ads etc, the savvy marketer will look to where others are not. Digital space is unlimited and prone to flooding; magazine space is finite and, by nature, creates exclusivity.

And lastly, if the cat shits on the carpet, you can’t use your laptop …………

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