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The 85km-long Old Ghost Road is Aotearoa’s longest single-track backcountry trail. The multi-day adventure takes riders and trampers back in time along the long-forgotten shared-use goldminers’ road. This impressive track weaves through diverse rugged environments from long alpine sections to exposed hills. Combined with the infamous West Coast weather ranging from heavy rain, strong winds, snow, and freezing temperatures, even in the height of summer, means trail users are often challenged. The new video highlights these varied conditions mountain bikers can expect, covering important tips including how to pack a balanced bike, a suggested packing list, the common risks, and hazards, and outlines key decision-making points and pit stops. Want to do this track?


Use the Plan My Walk app to build your own plan: https://planmywalk.nz/tracks/the-old-… Key learnings in this video: – Choose a time of year where the conditions match your experience level, and always check the forecast before setting out. Aim to ride during a fine weather window, but pack for all conditions.  – Have a well-balanced and maintained bike and carry a repair kit. – Carry a mobile phone and a distress beacon to ensure you can contact search and rescue if something goes wrong. – Carry an emergency shelter and some extra food to get through an unplanned delay, you can find out more here. – Understand your own and your group’s limits. Stay in control, and when encountering trampers signal your approach and give way when appropriate. Stick together as a group throughout your journey. –

Understand the facilities. There are four Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust huts, and two DOC huts on the track, and the amenities they provide are quite different. You can find out more on https://oldghostroad.org.nz ** Brought to you by the NZ Mountain Safety Council, Quite Nice Films, Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust, Department of Conservation, Ngā Haerenga New Zealand Cycle Trails, NZ Police, LandSAR, MetService New Zealand

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