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Are Kiwis into Horse Racing? 

Asking if New Zealand likes horse racing is the same as asking if the country is into rugby. The answer to both is a resounding yes! Kiwis could hardly imagine life without horse racing around. After all, betting sites New Zealand centers around horse racing, and other popular sports, and the country has made sure to cultivate a vibrant industry around it. This is perfectly fine, and you will come to appreciate the activity first-hand.

There are mostly two types of horse racing in the country, one is the thoroughbred where a jockey will try to steer his steed towards the finish line. This is arguably one of the most intriguing races, and it’s perhaps the most important and watched event worldwide as well. Then you have the standardbred racing where the horses are driven from the sulky, a cart attached to the horse.

But whether Kiwis truly enjoy horse racing, you can leave any doubt at home. Just like much of Oceania, Kiwis have a big love for horse racing. It may be a lasting thing from when the first settlers came to the island under the British Empire rule, but it may be simply because it’s fun. Either way, New Zealand has been able to truly make it big on horse racing.

Home to Horse Racing Champions?

The country is responsible for training some of the most capable jockeys and horses, as well as breeding them. If you want a good horse, you may not be thinking of going as far as New Zealand to secure it, but this may be just what you need. Kiwis love horse racing, and they are not shy of racing at home between each other or taking on some of the biggest events, and especially the Melbourne Cup in neighboring Australia.

The country also has a fantastic selection of racecourses, which truly adds to the overall experience and is a good reason why you should enjoy it as well. Riccarton Racecourse, Trentham Racecourse and Hastings Racecourse are just some of the great venues where horse racing lives and thrives in New Zealand and this is not just a fad. It’s about tradition.

Kiwis love horse racing since day one and this is an indelible part of their identity and who they are now. It’s hardly imaginable to have New Zealand today shaped in the same societal and cultural ways if it had not been for horse racing.

Viewership of horse racing events is hardly diminishing either and New Zealanders do enjoy a good time watching the events. More importantly, they love attending in person and making sure that they can share in the festivities and royalties about attending such races.

Race courses are organized to appeal to the tastes of not just professional jockeys, but also the crowd visiting, with plenty of things to do besides watching the horse races which usually do not continue that long. It’s about the build-up and anticipation and yes, Kiwis do love that a great deal.

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