Camping Life Hacks

Use sage to repel mosquitos: If you put some sage on your campfire the smell will help keep away mosquitos

Use corn chips for kindling: Doritos are a great way to start a fire!

Use compact microfibre towels: They are super absorbent and quick to dry


Wrap duck tape around your drink bottle: For use in an emergency

Keep your eggs in a bottle: Before you go, break your eggs into a water bottle and keep on ice in a cooler for 5-7 days


Use sandpaper to light matches: Glue some sandpaper to the inside of a plastic container where you can store the matches and be sure the matches and lighter never get wet.

Smores: For easy smore making, take an oreo cookie and twist apart and add roasted marshmallow.

Use deodorant as a anti itch cure: They contain similar ingredients and will help relieve the itch.


Wrap your meat in cabbage to stop it from burning: When you’re cooking on an open fire or barbeque, the moisture from the cabbage will stop the meat from charring.

Carry essentials in a small tin with you at all times.

Vacuum seal your food before: Helps reduce weight and space and keeps food fresher for longer.

Use a lanyard to keep your wash gear together:

Tictac boxes make great spice storage

Use a candle to help with a sticky zipper.

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