From the Streets of Tokyo to the Ramps of Paris: Skaters Take A Breather Amidst Intense Competition Calendar.

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In the heart of a relentless qualifier and competition schedule in the lead-up to Paris, a select group of elite skateboarders took a well-deserved break. They immersed themselves in the cultural wonders of Japan, engaging with enthusiastic fans and exploring new skateboarding horizons. Red Bull Drop-In Tour Japan, an international skateboard demonstration tour, offered skaters a chance to reignite their passion, explore new tricks, reconnect with fans and fellow skaters and bask in the love of skateboarding.

Yumeka Oda’s backside tailslide at the red bull drop in Japan tour demo in Osaka on August 20, 2023 // Kenji Haruta / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202308200709 // Usage for editorial use only //
  • Elite Skaters: The tour featured a star-studded lineup of the skating elite, including renowned skateboarders like Alex Sorgente, Zion Wright, Ryan Decenzo, Margie Didal, and more.
  • Asian Debut: The Drop-In Tour made its first-ever appearance in Asia, starting at Tokyo’s Murasaki Park and marking a significant expansion of the tour’s global footprint.
  • Best Trick: Ryan Decenzo’s standout moment in Tokyo was his flawless execution of a Kickflip Nosebluntslide, showcasing the high calibre of skill on display during the tour.
  • Camaraderie Over Competition: Despite their rigorous competition schedules and intense pre-Paris qualifiers, the skaters came together in Japan not as competitors but as fellow enthusiasts, drawing their focus back to the joy of skateboarding and connection with fans.
One and only, Torey Pudwill’s proper nollie flip at the red bull drop in Japan tour demo in Osaka on August 20, 2023 // Kenji Haruta / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202308200708 // Usage for editorial use only //

– With a lineup that read like a who’s who of the skating elite – featuring athletes like Alex Sorgente, Zion Wright, Ryan Decenzo, Margie Didal and many more – the Red Bull Drop-In Tour Japan brought them together as fellow skaters, emphasizing camaraderie over competition. Kicking off on August 18 and spanning Tokyo and Osaka, the tour delivered a unique skate experience for both participants and spectators.

– The ‘demo tour’ allowed athletes to display their top-tier skills, offering both entertainment and educational insights to local communities. This event was all about connecting with fans and setting a dynamic tone for the skaters’ journey.

– The tour’s Asian debut at Tokyo’s Murasaki Park was a hit. Ryan Decenzo’s remarkable Kickflip Nosebluntslide was a standout moment. Despite the summer heat, the skaters showcased their prowess at Osaka’s Tiger Rack skatepark, 500 kilometres from the tour’s starting point.

Margie’s nose grind at the red bull drop in Japan tour demo in Osaka on August 20, 2023 // Kenji Haruta / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202308200712 // Usage for editorial use only //

– Beyond the impressive skill and innovation on display at this elite level, the Drop-In Tour of Japan was about more than just tricks and flips. It provided a rare moment of respite for skaters amidst their rigorous schedules. It was an opportunity to share their passion, refine their techniques, and bond with fellow skateboarders.

– Ryan Decenzo said: “It is awesome to be on a trip with real skaters, skating real hard in real spots and doing demos for the Japanese people. We are just having a good time and this is what skateboarding is all about.”

– As the tour wraps up, the focus shifts to the upcoming Paris event next year. These athletes are set to dazzle on an even grander stage.

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