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This is an email sent out by RSSA – it summarises the process and the option to have your input or to see the input of others.
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Welcome to 2024! As we return to work after weeks of enjoying the beach and BBQs, the news that Pure Tūroa Ltd (PTL) has submitted a concession application may have passed many of us by. YOUR input into the concession process is essential.


For those who want to take part, this communication is to help you get started (if you haven’t already) on your contribution to the Tūroa Concession application process.


Tūroa Concession application process

We encourage you to participate in the Tūroa Concession application process. No decision by Department of Conservation (DoC) on the concession for Tūroa has been made yet and it is important that a wide range of considerations are heard, including yours.


The situation with the Department of Conservation

·         Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL) currently holds a 60-year concession to operate the Tūroa Skifield.

·         PTL has applied to DoC to seek a 10-year concession to operate the Tūroa Skifield. This duration has been confirmed by DoC in this email.


Please take some time to thoroughly read through PTL’s concession application so that you are fully informed of their intended plan, should they be successful in their application process.


YOUR OPINION MATTERS! We strongly encourage you to make your own individual submission to outline any feedback or concerns you have with the PTL concession plan.


You have until 5pm Friday 9th February 2024 to lodge a submission under the public consultation process.


As part of your submission, you can request to attend a public hearing to speak to your submission. This is optional and it is likely that a hearing will occur during the week starting 19th February 2024, if you would like to take part. Submissions that request to be heard can hold more weight in the process and if you wish, you can assign RSSA to represent your submissions a later date.


The concession application and submission forms are available on the DoC website:

The process after submissions close

1.   DoC will analyse and consider all submissions.

2.   If there have been requests to be heard by the Director-General a hearing will be held. If you have expressed an interest in presenting your submission at a hearing, you will be contacted by DoC.

3.   DoC will analyse and consider information raised at the hearing (if one occurred).

4.   DoC will make a recommendation to the Minister of Conservation.

5.   The Minister of Conservation will make a decision on the application.


The Stakeholder’s Association (RSSA) will contribute its own submission, but we strongly encourage you, our members, to put forward your own submissions so that a diversity of viewpoints can be considered by DoC. There are a range of concerns and endorsements that you may wish to personally address in your own submission.


Submission topics

If you are interested in taking part, we have provided detailed information regarding the RSSA’s submission and topics on the Save Mt Ruapehu website.


The main topics that are detailed on the site are listed below – this will be added to over time, so please check back on the page regularly:

·         The short length of the concession (10-years).

·         The existing concession already being in place.

·         Removal of key lifts (Nga Wai Heke chair, Giant Chair, and the Wintergarden Platter).

·         Reduced skier capacity from 5,500 to 4,500.

·         Transparency around PTL’s Governance and Management Team, and redactions of financials.

·         Letters written by various iwi to The Crown stating that any sale of RAL assets is prejudicial to their Tongariro National Park (TNP) Treaty negotiations.

·         The negotiation period – past negotiations took around four years.

·         Failure to address a solution to Whakapapa’s part in the liquidation and receivership of RAL.


Your own submission need not be comprehensive (but it is great if it is!), you can comment on a single aspect, or more, and you can approve of some aspects, whilst objecting to others. Whatever you are comfortable with/passionate about.


Next steps

We are looking to facilitate an open discussion between the people looking to contribute. If you would like to participate, please respond to this email.


Ngā mihi nui

The RSSA whānau

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