KEA Outdoors launch their latest survival product and the biggest crowdfunding campaign yet, raising over $60k in just the first 24 hours!


KEA Outdoors is excited to announce the launch of the Next-Generation KEA KIT, the outdoor survival system that help outdoor enthusiasts to better prepare for their outdoor adventures.

The innovative outdoor survival kit first launched on Kickstarter in 2021 becoming the ‘most funded’ outdoor survival kit on the platform and the 2nd ‘most funded’ design campaign in New Zealand history.

With the initial model selling out in under a year, KEA’s founder Matt Butler turned to their existing customers to help redesign the product to better suit their needs. This resulted in two new designs being created with more ability for customisation and separate gear/tools packs, offering the freedom to just pack what they needed to suit their adventures.

The KEA KIT now makes it easier than ever to prepare for any adventure. With the smaller ‘GO’ size built for when you’re on the move and the large ‘XL’ size built for the vehicle, home or basecamp. Its signature modular compartments makes it easy to organise your gear for  when it’s needed the most .

Key Features and Benefits of the Next-Generation KEA KIT:

  • A size for anywhere: The KEA KIT GO is built for when you’re on the move, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting ect. The KEA KIT XL is built for your vehicle, home or basecamp.
  • Smart design and storage: The KEA KIT simplifies your gear management with its modular compartments organised into the pillars of outdoor survival. Both kits feature extensive internal organization and water-resistant zippers to keep your gear safe and dry.
  • Customize on the go: Now built to suit any adventure, the KEA KIT GO features an expandable elastic hinge and magnetic buckle, allowing you to adjust your carry to suit the situation.
  • Prepare for an emergency: The larger and more versatile KEA KIT XL allows you to pack all the essential tools, gear and medical supplies for when you’re on the road, at the campsite or as part of  your at home emergency kit.
  • Pack to suit your adventure: The KEA KIT now offers the freedom for you to choose just the gear you need to pack your kit. The new separate gear packs & tools provide all the essentials such as medical supplies, gear repair, fire starting, their water filtration straw and ultralight flashlight.

“With the rise in people looking to the outdoors as an escape from busy lives, it’s important they do so safely. There is nothing more important than being fully prepared so you’re ready to respond should things not go to plan” says Matt. “That’s why focus on designing accessible, innovative and versatile  gear for those who love to embrace every adventure”.

Now live on Kickstarter the KEA KIT is available to pre-order worldwide. The crowdfunding initiative allows early supporters to be among the first to acquire the KEA KIT at an exclusive discounted price. Visit HERE to pre-order and secure your early bird deal.

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