Kiwis Vinny Armstrong and Robin Gooms join twelves of the best bikers in the world in Utah

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Twelve of the best women’s mountain bike freeriders spent last week pushing new boundaries in Southwest Utah as the third Red Bull Formation event saw “spectacular” progression as the likes of Hannah Bergemann and Camila Nogueira helped elevate the sport further and New Zealand’s Robin Goomes threw the first-ever backflip at the event.

– After the first two events advanced the sport to exciting new levels in the women’s arena, the third event saw 12 of the planet’s best female riders chosen by judges to carve out thrilling new lines in Utah.

– From May 8-15, Bergemann, Nogueira, Goomes, Casey Brown, Chelsea Kimball, Georgia Astle, Harriet Burbidge-Smith, Louise Ferguson, Sam Soriano, Vaea Verbeeck, Vinny Armstrong and Vero Sandler dug out brave lines down the dusty course before freeriding down the mountain.

– There were three dig days, one rest day – where they found community in each other and industry mentors – and three ride days, where the mountain was host to the gnarliest ever women’s MTB freeriding.

Robin Goomes finishes her line with a backflip, in Utah, USA, May 15 2022 // Robin O’Neill / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202205160003 // Usage for editorial use only //

– Founding organiser Katie Holden revealed: “The progression witnessed was spectacular and truly marks a turning point for women’s freeride mountain biking. We have seen a tremendous amount of confidence from the riders. From tackling steep drops to choosing lines that played to their styles and incorporating tricks, we hit a major milestone.”

– Following the final runs, athletes voted on the rider who ignited the sessions and “brought the spice” to the progression session with Argentine Nogueira receiving a trophy to mark the accolade.

Vinny Armstrong drops into the snake pit on the final day of riding at Red Bull Formation

– She enthused: “Winning this award is the perfect end to an epic event. My goal was to challenge myself with a daring line, one that would challenge my courage due to its exposure and where I would need to stay calm under pressure. I truly believe everyone riding today deserved this honour as they are my friends who continue to push and inspire me.”

Camila Nogueria steps down into the snake pit at Red Bull Formation // Emily Tidwell / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202205151232 // Usage for editorial use only //

– Kiwi Goomes’ historic backflip line started at the top Scissor Drop then ran through looker’s right to end in the Snake Pit, the lower portion of the course that has a series of jumps and features.

– Other highlights from the event included Bergemann and Nogueira tackling a highly technical entrance off the top of the mountain that fed into a series of large, exposed drops while rookie rider Ferguson had full authority of her line for her first time on the challenging terrain.



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