Top-10 Things to Do in Auckland for $1 after lockdown

It is undeniable that inflation has affected different businesses and evidently the way we live. Faced with this situation, we can’t buy anything with a coin these days. This coin has, therefore, become overlooked as we often put it everywhere or at the bottom of our purse. Nevertheless, if you think that you can no more use your $1 due to the harder life today, you are totally wrong.

Mind that in Auckland, it is possible to do many things with just a dollar. Since it is the country’s largest city, several entertaining activities can be done with this small amount of money. Just for a dollar or less, here are the top ten things to do in Auckland.

#1 Enjoy the wood-fired pizza in Fort Street Union

Visit Fort Street Union every Tuesday evening and enjoy the best wood-oven pizza there which will just cost you 100 cents. This place is ideal not only to get lunch but also to taste pizza for a dollar a slice.

#2 Buy two chicken wings at Crab Shack

Well-reputed as an excellent seafood restaurant, Crab Shack is a friend and family destination. However, mind than with $1, you can buy not just one but two chicken wings on Mondays.

#3 Go to hang-out with friends and enjoy a $1 lamb skewer at Gogo Music Café

It’s worth hanging out with friends on a tight budget. Gogo Music Café enables you to spend a cool moment while enjoying a lamb skewer with $1. Known to be the perfect cheap eats, you will certainly have fun with low expenses.

#4 Appreciate nature by visiting parks

Apart from tasting delicious foods, you can also admire the Auckland nature as you are lucky to live in such a beautiful city. Some of the free places that are worth visiting include Western Springs, Ambury Park Farm, Orakei Basin Walkway, Rangitoto Island Summit Walk, Orakei Basin Walkway, and many others. In your walks, not only will you appreciate the beauty of nature but your visit will also stay an unforgettable memory.

#5 Claim $1 Deposit Bonus at Zodiac

Zodiac Casino is one of the most renowned platforms known mainly for gambling with NZ currency and its bonus program. This casino is not only for the high rollers but also for every player. In this website, you just register, deposit $1 and will be granted with 80 free spins if you choose to play the most popular slot Mega Moolah. This reward can be higher because the more you deposit the bigger the bonus percentage you will receive.

#6 Buy some things in the local market

Purchasing local products is advantageous as it will both support the farmers and affect the economic growth in a concerned region. With only $1 in your pocket, you can buy some interesting things and why not a packet of Oreos or a bottle of milk? One thing is for sure, you will find fresh products in the local market.

#7 Join your friends in Xi’an Food Bar

Going out with friends is probably every body’s favourite hobby enabling us to share our joys. It will be more exciting if we choose a wonderful place like Xi’an Food Bar. There, you can eat 20 dumplings with 10 Dollars. Hence, if you are a group of 10 persons, each of you just pays a dollar.

#8 For students, get Niesh App and take advantage of the several benefits

In Auckland, being students is profitable as they are allowed to download the Niesh App and can take advantage of the students’ offers. Among these deals are the free fries offered by Better Burger. Isn’t it a good deal?

#9 Book a bus with ManaBus or InterCity with NZ$1

Unbelievably, you can get to Wellington for one dollar. You don’t need to spend much money to get on this place which is certainly a great deal.

#10 Visit the Auckland Art Gallery

The Auckland Art Gallery is worth visiting as it permits you to appreciate pieces done by New Zealand artists. Besides, you will be impressed by the beautiful architecture there. Entry is free so that you can explore all the floors without spending money.




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