Edmund Hillary outdoor clothing brand placed in liquidation


Outdoor apparel retailer Edmund Hillary Brands NZ Limited has recently undergone liquidation proceedings. The task of overseeing this process was entrusted to Steven Khov and Kieran Jones by the company’s shareholders on September 7.

Edmund Hillary, which operates as a subsidiary under the UK-registered Edmund Hillary Brands, initially opened its doors in Queenstown back in 2018. Subsequently, it expanded its presence by launching a flagship store in Auckland in 2020.

Earlier this year, in March, the company unveiled its ambitious plan to secure $5 million in fresh capital. This financial maneuver aimed to facilitate the brand’s expansion efforts, particularly into the North American market.

The brainchild behind the company’s formation is none other than its managing director, Mike Hall-Taylor. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that Peter Hillary, the son of the legendary Edmund Hillary himself, played a pivotal role as a brand ambassador for the company.

According to the information available on the company’s official website, Edmund Hillary engages in manufacturing across the globe, collaborating with numerous small, family-owned businesses in regions such as New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and Nepal.

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