Face to face with Stefano Gregoretti and his great adventure, the: “” Death Valley Traverse 2022 “

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A new great adventure that of “Death Valley Traverse 2022” at the end of that of Stefano Gregoretti and Ray Zahab.

Stefano and Ray are two modern explorers who love adventure and the most inhospitable places on the planet. Stefano and Ray true lovers of “Trail running”, they are among the main promoters of this young discipline, definitely in great growth, in the four corners of the globe. The success of Death Valley has definitely put the two athletes to the test.

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Stefano Gregoretti to find out more about this great adventure.

  1. Stefano you have just returned from the great undertaking the “Death Valley Traverse 2022”, among the great difficulties you encountered with your adventure partner Ray Zahab, which one do you want to mention and why?

Surely the temperatures at times unlivable. But we were prepared! Obviously, if you choose a hot desert in the height of summer, the least you can do is be prepared for the worst.

  1. A decidedly incredible adventure, was there a particular funny moment that you want to remember?

During the night, to defeat sleep and fatigue, we put music on the iPhone that allowed us to continue with a good dose of extra good humor. Singing of course.

  1. What was the athletic preparation to face this challenge?

Apart from the fact that I am trained 12 months a year, the focus was on going out for a run in the hottest hours (and in Riccione this summer it was not difficult …) and on long sauna sessions drinking water and salts at the internal.

  1. How important is the balance between psychological and physical preparation to face an enterprise like this?


The experience gained over the years counts. Having faced extreme climates has certainly subjected the mind to “discomfort”; but on the psychological preparation I believe little.

  1. You are a modern explorer and also a lover of Trail running, what distinguishes you from others who have decided to undertake this fast-growing sport?


Above all the fact that I almost always prefer to trace the paths I am going to walk myself.


  1. What is the philosophy that feeds your spirit of adventure?


The boundless desire to know the world, especially the most remote places, and at the same time my skills, trying to improve them.

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