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How to Make Fast Withdrawals from New Zealand Online Casino

Back in 2020, when the global pandemic hit the world, most transactions reverted to online. This range from education, making money, gambling, and many more. There was a steady growth that came as a result of staying at home due to movement restrictions, and as a way of making life bearable, online fast payout casinos increased their online presence.

However, as people looked for a way to enjoy their time indoors, one of the major issues was how to receive earnings at a faster rate. And this is one of the features that is mainly sorted out in online casinos – a fast withdrawal process.

As John Gold of says, New Zealand is one of the countries that has embraced gambling, and New Zealand players, cannot keep quiet, looking for a way to get their hard-earned money quickly.

Below are several ways that define how one can make fast withdrawals when in New Zealand and enjoy your NZ$.

Looking for the Fast Payout Casinos

There are tons of fast payout casinos, but their payout processing time varies from one casino to another. Most of them take a day for the withdrawal to be successful. Others ensure that the money sent out for withdrawal cannot be reversed back such that it cannot be reused for, let’s say, betting purposes.

If you want to receive your withdrawals, quick look out for some, such as the Jackpot Molly, LeoVegas, and HellSpin.

Submitting Your KYC Information Before the Onset of Gambling

As aforementioned, online casino gaming has been on the rise. This comes with mixed reactions, noting that there are scammers in the industry. New Zealand players are encouraged to submit their identity documents before online gambling to ensure they are verified.

If you register with a genuine fast payout casino and verify the account, you will be eligible to receive instant bonuses and withdrawals in time.

However, some restrictions are put in place for gamers who haven’t verified, and the fast payout casino has the right to deny some of the privileges if you do not look like a genuine player.

Some of the reasons behind KYC (Know-Your-Customer) are to ensure that your source of funds used for gaming comes from a verifiable source and to control any money laundering issues in the industry.

Use the Right Payment Method

Different fast payout online casino sites have other payment methods; some accept the use of;

  • Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin,
  • bank transfers,
  • prepaid cards,
  • E-wallets.

New Zealand players that use NZ dollars stand the advantage of receiving their money faster than when using Bitcoin, which can take as long as a week. Sites that use Skrill or Neteller withdrawals are much quicker than those that use E-wallets.

If you wish to use bitcoin as a withdrawal method, then using bitcoin casinos could be a better option.


Use Fast Payout Casinos That Are Licensed

New Zealand Gambling Commission is a licensed organization that offers 24/7 support with strict adherence to non-tolerance on any money laundering issues in New Zealand. No dubious site can dare work with this organization.

New Zealand Gambling Commission tends to work faster and offer fast withdrawals than other online casinos. Some of the best payout sites;

  • Spin Casino,
  • Sky City,
  • Vegas Kings Casinos, and much more.

Avoid No Wagering Bonuses Only

When using the no wagering bonuses, chances are that the bonus or free spins played do not have added wagering requirements, whereby when added wagering requirements, chances of withdrawals reduce.

Therefore, players can keep an eye and look out for the no-wagering bonuses and keep a bonus they win which will be used as a supplement balance for the withdrawals.

This is a practice done by the new players to help them keep their deposit balance and simultaneously avoid losing on the wagering requirements set out by the fast payout casinos they have signed up with.

Work Only With Verified Gambling Websites

Never sign up with any online gambling casino you come across at first sight. Remember, some unscrupulous individuals want to take your hard-earned cash without effort. Some online casinos out there can be very enticing, and one could fall into the trap of signing up and end up losing money.

Before signing up, ensure you go through legitimate sites and gather information and knowledge on the New Zealand online casinos. Read previous reviews to guide you if it is a legitimate gaming site, and you will be good to go.


When signing up for a quality gambling site, securing one from kiwi gambling sites is easy and will help you settle on a good one.

Players who have used the site keep graduating to better fast payout casinos that offer instant withdrawals and enjoy their time in the gambling industry.

If you have a gambling addiction, you can call the toll-free number Gambling Helpline: 0800 654 655.


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