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Plastic pollution is a global issue that destroys environments, diminishes biodiversity, increases global warming, and harbors immense potential to impact human health. Study after study continues to reveal a disturbing prognosis: if current practices continue unabated there will be an increase in hormonal illnessescancers, and cardiovascular system damage related to plastic production and consumption.

Sign the Treaty – make a difference


Plastic pollution is a global problem demanding a global solution. It is an issue transcending national borders, affecting every nation and citizen on Earth. As such, it is incumbent upon the United Nations and Governmental Organizations to take decisive action on this issue.

We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations and Governmental Organizations to commit once and for all to:Support a highly ambitious Global Plastic Treaty that binds all to the same standards

  • A 60% of reduction of all fossil fuel-based plastic production by 2040
  • Requiring producers and retailers of plastics to be liable for the cost of any environmental or health-related damages in accordance with the “producer pays” principle
  • Public and private sector investments in innovation to replace all fossil fuel-based plastics
  • Ban all plastic-related tobacco products including, but not limited to tobacco filters and e-cigarettes
  • Ban the export of plastic waste
  • End the incineration of plastic waste
  • Support innovative solutions and alternatives to plastic in all sectors
  • Fully-financed education and public awareness campaigns to inform the public about reasons and strategies for ending plastic pollution

The Global Plastic Treaty is an opportunity for the United Nations and Governmental Organizations to prove the health of the planet and its citizens take priority over an industry threatening the health of every human on Earth. Most importantly, though, it is a chance for our world to come together as one, and truly pledge and commit themselves to restoring the planet, following the model of the successful international cooperation found in the Montreal Protocol. The Global Plastics Treaty has the potential to end plastic pollution, protect human health, and lead to a waste-free world. We cannot allow our governments to waste this pivotal opportunity.

Sign the Treaty – make a difference



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